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CSR Activity

Underprivileged Children’s Homes under the St Vincent De Paul Society (NGO)

As a company, SHAL (Sea Hawk Global Lines Sdn Bhd) takes all aspects of corporate and social responsibility very seriously. Over the years, we have adopted and supported many charities. This year we have taken up yet another noble cause to address major challenges in a particular sector of society today. 

Our focus will be on the urgent needs of unprivileged children in Homes under the St Vincent De Paul Society (NGO). A series of programmes will be organised to strengthen the psychological and physical wellbeing of these underprivileged children and hence increase their confidence and self-esteem.

For starters, we are looking at a half-day programme for B40 children, under 18 years, on Prevention of Sexual Abuse and Bullying. It will be organised by the programme provider, Ms Christina Tan, Owner of Gracious Grounds, an Empowerment Centre for Children, aged 3 to 7. It will be a 2-hour programme for 38 children from a Home run by St. Vincent De Paul Society, an NGO. The Caregivers will accompany the children for their 2-hour programme, and they in turn will also have an additional hour of training. A simple assessment will be conducted and each child will be given a Certificate of Attendance. The cost per child will be RM100 (total amount RM3800). The Company would be able to get a Tax Relief of 7% for this activity. 

Preparation, planning and production of the materials for this programme will take 2 to 3 weeks. The children will be given posters to take home as an Affirmation and Reminder of what they can do on a daily basis as a preventive measure.